Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fri: High Whey 6 Benefit/ Sat: Smash Monthly & More in days ahead at SubRosa!

-Friday April 29th, 7pm: HIGH WHEY 6 Benefit Show!

-Emma Wheeler
on the banjo maze rain glow
-Dry Days
on the folk punk commie faggotry. not watching the world burn, but being the burning world.
-me pretty on the "what the fuck?" nihilistmarxistnoisepunk

the six stud(ent)s who protested on highway 17 really need help gathering funds to give to the police who put us in jail (gross). We owe 28,000, have fundraised about 5,000 and have a long way to go before we don't have to think about this anymore. 
5-10$ entrance fee notaflof ::: no cops / no bros / no snitches
entrance is wheelchair accessible (very small step/doorframe thing). please no strong/artificial scents.
more info at

-Saturday, April 30th, 11am-6:59pm:  Smash Monthly with Matty

Play some video games with your local nerds!
What's important is that we are going to play video games for a cause. Cause we want to.

Much more info at
-Sunday, May 1st, 9am-2pm:
Kids Open Hours...for actual kids and more!

And yeah, this is May day, which is significant in a number of ways...a day folks rise up together, united with each other and against a repressive capitalist system // and for others it is recognized as a day around halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice...folks celebrate spring and fertility...

-Monday, May 2nd, 7:15pm:  Sin Barras meeting

"We will discuss ways that Sin Barras can support local and state-wide abolitionist campaigns and how we can further support loved ones inside and their families. We will also discuss what's going right here in Santa Cruz County. So please, bring your ideas and your desire to end the prison industrial complex!"

-Wednesday May 4th, 7am-9am:
  RiseUp and Shine! Anarchy for breakfast.

Come drink coffee and eat a scone over a copy of the NYTimes. Discussion on current events sure to ensue along with our Riseup and Shine morning Anarchy community poll.

and other open hours at 10am, or maybe earlier, with the Freedom Sleepers meeting at 10am and HUFF meeting at 11am

Also come to SubRosa during our regular open hours!

-Wednesday- 7am- 9am- RiseUp & Shine! AND 10am-2pm (also Freedom Sleeper meeting AND at 11am, HUFF, Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom open meeting) AND the space is open everyone during these times
-Thursday- 2pm-6pm AND 8pm-10pm- Late Night Open Hours - (come hang out, enjoy the space, and listen to cloudy slow jamz and R&B every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month)
-Friday- 2pm-6pm
-NEW! Sunday morning open hours! 9am-2pm

and other news from Santa Cruz...

***Beach Flats Gardeners Demand City Council Keep Their Promise

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