Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hooray for May Day!

greetings!  may day is upon us and in this post i provide some readings for you to check out the various aspects of that day.  which is significant in a number of ways...a day folks rise up together, united with each other and against a repressive capitalist system.  and for others it is recognized as a day around halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice...folks celebrate spring and fertility...

and at the bottom on this post please read about and consider participating in a gathering, sunday may 1st, in solidarity with the Beach Flats Jardín & Familias Unidas por la Justicia.

The Witch's Child
This is your story, child.
This is why
it seems you have everything, but
you feel you have nothing... those

feelings of anguish and rage are the
same itch the seed feels in the last
days of Winter, before it bursts
open and sends out its buds into
the world

The Soviet government parades missiles and marches soldiers on May Day. The American government has called May First "Loyalty Day" and associates it with militarism. The real meaning of this day has been obscured by the designing propaganda of both governments. The truth of May Day is totally different. To the history of May Day there is a Green side and there is a Red side.

Under the rainbow, our methodology must be colorful. Green is a relationship to the earth and what grows therefrom. Red is a relationship to other people and the blood spilt there among. Green designates life with only necessary labor; Red designates death with surplus labor. Green is natural appropriation; Red is social expropriation. Green is husbandry and nurturance; Red is proletarianization and prostitution. Green is useful activity; Red is useless toil. Green is creation of desire; Red is class struggle. May Day is both.

from The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of MAY DAY (and read the entire piece at from 1986 and feels dated in certain ways, although still very interesting)

-and other may day related zines can be found at

-at this site there is a review of Peter Linebaugh's book on may day which expands on the writing linked to above...and the reviewer includes more of a pagan perspective as well. 

and other news from santa cruz

from In solidarity with the Beach Flats Jardín & Familias Unidas por la Justicia

Sunday May 1st. 11:00 AM / gather at Santa Cruz City Hall: 809 Center St, Santa Cruz,

In Santa Cruz, the jardíneros of the Beach Flats Community Garden are at risk of losing long-cultivated subsistence farming space due to the profit-motivated actions of the Seaside (Boardwalk) Company.

In Washington and Baja California, Mesoamerican Indigenous farmworkers have organized independent unions, calling for an international boycott of Santa Cruz County based Driscoll's Berries. As they fight to end poverty wages, slave-like working and living conditions, child labor and violent repression of their movement, they also envision a reorganization of food systems based upon workers cooperatives, sustainable relationships with land, and economies based on needs rather than profit.

In the spirit of International Workers Day, let's join together to express our solidarity with these critical struggles, alongside our own dreams for a different kind of world not based on capitalist exploitation.

Bring signs, banners, and energy! For more information: and and


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