Saturday, July 2, 2016

Contribute Now! Support SubRosa!

Greetings! Welcome to our 2016 Summer Fundraiser!

As you know, SubRosa is a collectively run anarchist community space in Santa Cruz, CA, and for the last 8 years, SubRosa has provided a space for meetings, music, film showings, open mic, art, open hours drop-by,  and so much more.

It is part of our mission to create a space outside the realm of commerce, and we are starting a fundraising effort so we can focus more on running the space and less on hustling to make rent.  Your donations enable this community supported space to remain available. Please consider making an ongoing monthly donation (your monthly donations are helpful for us to be able to consistently budget our expenses, like rent).  Of course, one time and other periodic donations are welcome as well.  Any size contribution helps to keep our community space open for events, shows, discussions, classes, performances and most importantly for you! We are grateful for your support.

Can you join us and contribute? Click here:

Note:  You can choose how regularly you contribute to SubRosa and the default on the website is weekly.  This can be changed to other time frames as well.  Also, the Action Network, which hosts the fundraiser requests a "tip" and this can also be adjusted from the default of 10% to "no tip" or even more.

Zee & Jay (from the SubRosa collective)

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