Monday, April 17, 2017

Much Happening at SubRosa! Check it out!

-Tuesday, April 18th, 7pm: A Show! with Ora Cogan (from Saltspring Island, BC) and Inle Elni (from here)   

    All are welcome, Witches, Wizards, Magickal Creatures and everyone in between for a night of heart-wrenching and spirit-uplifting folk of a few delicious different flavors... Join us in witnessing the fullness of being together through music that stretches to reflect a rich array of expressions of a life-affirming dance with shadow.

Ora Cogan is a singer-songwriter from Saltspring Island BC who has been making hauntingly beautiful old folk and blues inspired songs for over a decade. Her new songs step deeper into the realm of shimmering synthesizers and brings a complimentary light her her usual brooding filigree songs. Hear a song from her forthcoming album and her many impressive albums at and and

Inle Elni is a magickal synergy of banjo, guitar, accordian and powerful, emotional 3 part harmonies, sung like our lives depend on it. The compositions slowly reveal their deep layers of myth and meaning, forging connection amidst the uplifting of grief. Get a taste of their incredible debut album at

Wednesday, April 19th:  in the a.m. & p.m.

    10:30am-2pm:  Open Hours and HUFF meeting

Come on by SubRosa and see what's going on around town or check out a book from the @ library or purchase a zine or book.  Also at SubRosa at the same time, HUFF meeting,, HUFF is Santa Cruz's oldest and most stubbornly persistent grass roots homeless advocacy group.

8-9:30pm:  The "Light" Revolution and Its Aftermath:  Protest, resistance and performing Eastern Europe

Throughout all of February, tens of thousands took the streets in Romania to protest corruption of the political class. Far from being the first spontaneous mass protests in recent local history, they were the first of such magnitude to affirm a clear right-wing position. Corruption, an exclusively right-wing issue, works as a discursive mechanism portraying Romanian society as backward. Self-defined as messianic multitude, the aspirational middle-class that asserted itself through these events is on a mission to save us from backwardness and correctly implement the civilizational imperative of the Western world.

Western media embraced what turned out to be the confirmation of its post-Cold War narrative of the political coming of age of Romania through liberalism and capitalism. As local radicals, the Light Revolution meant the further demonization of the broad left and of direct action tactics. As international radicals, we expect solidarity not with the imperialist narrative of the "at last enlightened East" but with local resistance to the liberal paradigm of civic, peaceful protest.

Veda Popovici is a Bucharest-based housing justice activist, artist, and scholar. She will talk about current political action and concerns in Romania, including recent mass protests.  Background:

-Thursday, April 20th, 11-4pm: Open Hours

    Come on by SubRosa and see what's going on around town or check out a book from the @ library or purchase a zine or book...or have some coffee or tea...or...

-Friday, April 21st:  in the a.m. & p.m.

    9-11am: Rise up and Shine: Raisin' Branarchy An informal anarchist breakfast for those who rise up early. Current events discussion, baked goods, coffee, and our weekly early anarchist poll. So, begin your day with other folk, sharing food and conversation...what's on your mind, in your heart...     

   8:30-11:30pm:  Splash Zone! - Gay Dance Party

This Splash Zone we are switching it up! Some new sets, a guest DJ, it'll be great, cum dance and get in the photobooth

-SWAMP ASSZ - 90's house set + more

$5-10 @ the door &&& refreshments for sale and a polaroid photo booth! // Dress Your Best // Invite Your Friends

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