Monday, April 24, 2017

Tues- Lunar Intentions // Wed- HUFF // Thurs- Open Hours // Fri- @ Brkfst & Benefit Show //Fri-Sun- St Medic Training // AND MORE!!!

-Tuesday, April 25th, 6pm: Out Of The Broom Closet opens to Lunar Intentions!

We will gather to practice the setting a personal intention under the new moon! Witches and others have worked closely with the moon and its cycles for ages. At this gathering we will read and discuss current astrologers' takes on Wednesday's New Moon in Taurus, we will share our experience with working lunar intentions and connecting with the new moon, and we will delve into magical space to find our own lunar intentions!

This space is for everyone, seasoned magic makers and woo curious alike. Aligning with the lunar cycle and intentionally focusing on aspects of ourselves that are called forward under the moon's influence can be incredible enlightening and there is really no wrong way to do it!

The two main astrologers that are influencing our approach are Teri Starnes of Starsdance Astrology, and Chani Nicholas, Chani has a post with thoughts and insights for the new moon, which is not required but recommended reading!

Bring yourself, your friend, your journal and your willingness to let mystery mix with your path! In the darkness of the new moon we will find insight and connection!

-Wednesday, April 26th, 10:30am-2pm: Open Hours and HUFF meeting

Come on by SubRosa and see what's going on around town or check out a book from the @ library or purchase a zine or book. Also at SubRosa at the same time, HUFF meeting,, HUFF is Santa Cruz's oldest and most stubbornly persistent grass roots homeless advocacy group.

-Thursday, April 27th:
in the a.m. & p.m.

11-4pm: Open Hours

Come on by SubRosa and see what's going on around town or check out a book from the @ library or purchase a zine or book...or have some coffee or tea...or...

6pm: Dead heat show

-Friday, April 28th: in the a.m. & p.m.

9-11am: Rise up and Shine: Raisin' Branarchy

An informal anarchist breakfast for those who rise up early. Current events discussion, baked goods, coffee, and our weekly early anarchist poll. So, begin your day with other folk, sharing food and conversation...what's on your mind, in your heart...

7:30: Benefit Show for CARe - The Sheilas // Beat Tape// Sister Taxa

Come join us for a night of live music, delicious food and local art presented by UCSC's CARe club! All proceeds from the night will go towards hosting CARe clinics throughout spring quarter, where we help those experiencing homelessness with free haircuts, foot washes, sandwiches, clothing, hygiene supplies and more.


7:30 - The Sheilas (Santa Cruz) // Aneke Gleeson & Claire Walding

8:15 - Beat Tape (Santa Cruz) // // Lorenzo Levy, Max Lee & Will Henley Dias

9:00 - Sister Taxa (Santa Cruz) // Chuy Nunez, Tommy Howard, Tommy Ohlman, Bali Southam, Christopher Short & Michael Morales

Suggested donation: $5 //  *please, also consider donating old clothes, unused hygiene supplies, food, or other useful items that we can distribute at our next clinic!* // www.caresc.org

Also happening this weekend...

Street Medic Training! (please read description // space limited & rsvp to reserve spot)

-Friday April 28th 6-8:30pm @ Louden Nelson Center, rm. #1 (1st evening not at SubRosa // other 2 days are at SubRosa)

-Saturday April 29th 9am-5pm @ SubRosa (703 Pacific Ave)

-Sunday April 30th 9am-5pm @ SubRosa (703 Pacific Ave)

This three day weekend training will help prepare you to act as a street medic, an increasingly necessary skill to offer to communities engaged in political resistance and struggle. We believe this work is crucial in conjunction with efforts towards collectivizing health and care resources. The training will be covering personal environmental safety and awareness, self and small group procedures for physical and mental trauma, and mass casualty situations. Please bring a lunch on weekend days, whatever personal medical or first aid kit you have, and some money ($15-35, NOTAFLOF) if possible to put towards supplies and use of space. The first evening at Louden Nelson will offer more of an orientation to the training, so please be sure to attend all three days! Once you RSVP, we will send a list of medic supplies you may want to purchase for your personal kit. Some supplies may also be able to be purchased from the facilitator at the training. Due to space constraints, we must limit the capacity of this event to 30 people, so please be aware that event attendance is first-come-first-served. To RSVP, please email: ! //

AND SubRosa is part of a community center called the Hub, which also has a facebook page. so check it out and discover what other Hub projects are doing...

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