Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thurs- return of Open Stage! // Fri- @ brkfst // Sun- Radical healing workshop & later a show! & More!

Thursday, May 11th:  All through the day... 

    11-4pm:  Open Hours! 

Come on by SubRosa and see what's going on around town or check out a book from the @ library or purchase a zine or book.

    7:30-10:30pm:  Open Stage! Subrosa's new take on Open Mic. Every second Thursday.

Sign ups at 7:30pm. Show at 8! Each act will get 5-10 minutes depending on the evening.  This is a space for performance of all kinds. A space to be witnessed in your work. Performance art. Drag. Dance. Poetry. Music. Essays. Rants. Interactive games. Magic. This is an Open Stage.

With a critique of capitalism and acknowledgement of intersectional systems of oppression, we honor and wish to uplift less heard voices including those of queer, trans, femme, people of color and indigenous folks. We strive to create a brave space where we work with what and who is in the room.

We hope for this space to serve the radical performing artists in Santa Cruz and are open to collaboration! Donations accepted and appreciated.

-Friday, May 12th, 9-11am:  Rise up and Shine: Raisin' Branarchy

    An informal anarchist breakfast for those who rise up early. Current events discussion, baked goods, coffee, and our weekly early anarchist poll.   So, begin your day with other folk, sharing food and conversation...what's on your mind, in your heart...

-Sunday, May 14th, during the day and also evening!

    1:30-5pm:  Radical Healing: Anti-Capitalist Perspectives on "Mental" Health

This event will be facilitated and led by Truth and Taylore of the Caldera Health Collective. We plan to name the philosophical, institutional, and interpersonal conditions that can interfere with our capacity to care for ourselves and one another. We will share ideas for dismantling these obstacles and identify tools for carving new pathways based on self-determination and mutual aid. Possible topics include: Capitalism & Cortisol, CPTSD, Poly-Vagal Theory,Dissociation & Panic, Trauma-informed Practices, Emotional First-Aid, Community Support Strategies, and Nervous System Restoratives & Plant Allies.

    6:30-10pm:   100% local SubRosa show! with Eve's Peach, gal pal, Alms, Heavenly Bother, rock n roll babies & Lauren

*Eve's Peach (blue-razz pop band)
**gal pal (queer femme basement noise [https://]https://[]
***Alms (dreamy lazy gazey pop
****Heavenly Bother (first show in awhile!!!)
*****rock n roll babies (
******Lauren (new project!!!)

$5 // 6:30pm // All Ages // Safer Space //

And the SubRosa fundraiser is still ongoing (perpetually)!
Click here (& actual link below): support-subrosa!

(and money is processed through a secure WePay account). 

So far we have raised a bit over $300, which really helps a lot right now.  Although the space is packed with events that range from shows to workshops to meetings to speakers, we don't make enough money each month to cover our expenses (and have been drawing down our meager savings).
We appreciate any support you can offer to this anarchist community space...large and all helps!  And with your financial contribution we can focus on running this community space and not stressing about finances.  And Thanks!

Note:  You can choose how regularly you contribute to SubRosa and the default on the website is weekly.  This can be changed to other time frames as well.  Also, the Action Network, which hosts the fundraiser requests a "tip" and this can also be adjusted from the default of 10% to "no tip" or even more.

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