Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Friday: Art Exhibit Opening / Saturday: Really Really Free Market & Show in evening & info about other stuff!


Resisting Sexual Violence from the Ground Up

Art Opening Friday, February 2nd, at 6pm
at Felix Kulpa II, 209 Laurel St

& more at SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave 

Exhibition Dates: 
February 2, 2018 – 
February 24, 2018

"We do not believe that rape can end within the present capitalist, racist, and sexist structures of our society. The fight against rape must be waged simultaneously with the fight against all other forms of oppression." 

C. ~ 1970's Letter to the Anti Rape Movement From Santa Cruz Women Against Rape

SubRosa is collaborating with Felix Kulpa II, Interference Archive, Lesbian Herstory Archives, and What Goes up must come down, to exhibit Take Back the Fight: Resisting Sexual Violence from the Ground Up.  Opening Friday February 2, at 6pm.

Echoing present tensions within feminist organizing against gender violence, the above quote is pulled from the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, New York. It's a 1970's statement of local Santa Cruz organizers, in opposition to trends they saw in mainstream rape activism. This letter will be up at SubRosa for the month of February, grounding our conversations about the history and ongoing struggle of the fight against gender and sexual violence. 

Also around the corner at Felix Kulpa II (209 Laurel Street) will be a more in-depth archival exhibition of this dynamic history.

For more information about the exhibit & related events please visit:  

Saturday February 3rd, noon-3pm
Really Really Free Market! 

Recent write up!:

No money. No trades. Everything is free. This market is based on a gift-economy and thinks capitalism sucks. Bring food to share. Bring your special items that you don't use but can't throw away (ex. clothes, toys, art supplies, instruments, books and zines...your free box). Bring your special talents to offer people (ex. haircuts, message, reiki...). Come and take what you can use and say thanks! We will have folks to check in with as you arrive. First come first served, space may be limited. Requirements: Mutual respect. If you bring things, you are expected to take away whatever is left at the end of the market. 

Unity Queer Skate Day at Mission Plaza Park

& Show at SubRosa in the evening!

Come one, Come all, Girls, Boys, POC, Trans, Non-Binaries, & Queers!! 

We will be meeting at 2pm on Saturday, February 3rd at Mission Plaza Park in Santa Cruz (across the street from Holy Cross Church). From there we will visit some of the local spots, terrain, bumps, jumps, and smooth flat ground that will satisfy you and all of the varying abilities of folks that will be joining us <33

AGAIN, WE WILL NOT BE MEETING AT SUBROSA AT 2pm. WE WILL BE MEETING AT MISSION PLAZA PARK AT 2pm. However, feel free to hang at SubRosa around 2pm as there will be a Really Free Market happening on the same day!!

from the facebook event post:  Santa Cruz is a cultural hub for white/macho male, inflated ego bro's with an agenda to bash others who aren't heteronormative surf jocks or skater bois. A large proportion of the shopping in downtown Santa Cruz is made up of corporate skate and surf shops who capitalize on the culture of what normie's would consider cool and fashionable. Those who are stylistically unique, or just learning the basics of skating are often scrutinized or made fun of because of the overwhelming insecurities surrounding the collective heteronormative male ego. 

In response. We are going to be hosting our VERY FIRST Queer Skateboarding Day with help from Oakland's Unity Skateboards! If this one goes well, we will be planning to make Queer Skate Day's a regular monthly event where people can come, skate, and hang out w/o getting vibed or made fun of!! 

Unity Queer Skateboarding is a DIY venture from Oakland, CA.
Support or check them out here.

This is a formal invite to all of you queer, radical, skateboarders, rollerbladers, roller skaters, bikers, scooter kids, and the sort to come hang out with more people like yourselves! Let's have fun and roll around!! 

Embarrassed about not knowing any cool moves yet?  Don't be tricked!!  ALL ABILITY LEVELS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!  Come learn how to ride, roll, and skate in a supportive, nurturing environment. <33

In addition to all of that, Unity will also do a product GIVEAWAY at the skate day!! Who doesn't like goodies?? 

After that, we are going to have a show at Subrosa featuring two Oakland acts who are made up of skaters associate w the Unity Queer Skateboarding movement.

Heavenly Bother - Local 2 piece sludge dance duo

Technopagan - Witchy Oakland Vegan Hex Beat$

Rip Florence & The Caitlyn Buffalo - Local Garage Du wop & Freak

Evil Twins - Oakland Post Pop

The Skate Day will be $Free$! // The Show:  $7 / NOTAFLOF // 7pm - 10pm // All Ages // Safe Space

and happening in Monterey...

Redneck Revolt!  Friday, February 9th at 8pm, Old Capitol Books, 559 Tyler Street, Monterey, CA 93940

The Bay Area Redneck Revolt is coming to Monterey to discuss their organizing vision and tactics.   "Redneck Revolt was founded in 2016, as an anti-racist, anti-fascist community defense formation.  To us, redneck is a term that signifies a pride in our class as well as a pride in resistance to bosses, politicians, and all those that protect domination and tyranny."   More information, media, and podcast available at


And check out our internet thingies for more information about SubRosa happenings!!!  See below!

SubRosa is a collectively run anarchist community space, a place to meet others and challenge our assumptions and act on our passions. We strive to create a vibrant environment for events, classes, meetings, organizing, performance, art, studying and more. SubRosa also offers radical literature for sale, and houses the Anarchist Lending Library. We welcome folks to join us in fostering an environment free from coercion, sexism, homophobia, racism, and other hierarchies.

And SubRosa is part of a larger community center called The Hub.  Check out the Hub's facebook page regarding other Hub projects!

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