Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Thurs: Open Stage! // Fri-Mon: Shows!!! // & More!

-Thursday, September 13th, 7:30pm: Open Stage!

SubRosa's take on Open Mic. Once a month. Every month.

Sign ups at 7:30pm. Show at 8! Each act will get 5-10 minutes depending on the evening.

This is a space for performance of all kinds. A space to be witnessed in your work. Performance art. Drag. Dance. Poetry. Music. Essays. Rants. Interactive games. Magic. This is an Open Stage.

With a critique of capitalism and acknowledgement of intersectional systems of oppression, we honor and wish to uplift less heard voices including those of queer, trans, femme, people of color and indigenous folks. We strive to create a brave space where we work with what and who is in the room. 

We hope for this space to serve the radical performing artists in Santa Cruz and are open to collaboration! Donations accepted and appreciated.

-Friday, September 14th, 7pm:  Tashi Dorji, Village Of Spaces, Kite Hands Glowing/Hermit Thrush

      local folk musicians... 

     visiting from Asheville, North Carolina!

-Saturday, September 15th, 7pm:  Comfort Creature (Arcata) / Aminta / tba

Cactus Bloom Collective presents:

*COMFORT CREATURE (On Tour) experimental electronic songs from Arcata, CA 
**AMINTA (Local) santa cruz avant garde solo pop

7$ (notaflof) // 7pm // All Ages // Safe(r) Space // No Alcohol No Drugs //

-Sunday, September 16th, 7pm:  SCHC - Hoarder // DeadWitch // World Peace // Head 2 Wall

SCHC brings you...

**Deadwitch (Portland HC) 
***World Peace (SFHC) 
****Head 2 Wall (SCHC) 

Doors 7PM // $5- notaflof //

-Monday, September 17th, 7pm:  The Curfews//Floating Room//Drowse//No Bootstraps

*Floating Room (Portland), Gray Pop and  "Despite all the talk about leashes and parks, "Dog" captures the very human experience of feeling limited by someone else. Led by Maya Stoner, Floating Room's excellent 2016 debut, Sunless, sifted through the emotional wreckage of an abusive relationship. False Baptism does too, but with clearer eyes—processing trauma can take a lifetime, so obviously, it can also take multiple records."
**Drowse (Portland), sound sculpture and  "This installation showcases four found objects that have been re-engineered into interactive sculptural instruments. The artists use these objects to create sounds and explore their natural surroundings. All music has been created by the artists and was recorded in Skagaströnd using the sculptures, a field recorder, and the computer. Video projections recorded while at living NES Artist Residency around certain regions of desolate Northern Iceland."
***No Bootstraps (Santa Cruz), satire pop geared toward fellow cogs, breaking the circle, fighting the police, and so much glitter it's coming out of your eyes. 

All Ages // Sober space // $5 notaflof //

(Come on by and have some coffee, check-out a book or strike up a conversation)

Wednesdays, 10:30am - 2pm // Fridays, 9am - 12pm // 

& open for events & meetings
(and open on Thursdays in October)

And some other info to let you know about!!!

Sanctuary Santa Cruz has moved into the old Fábrica space at the Hub (community center where SubRosa is located).  Hooray, and welcome!  Here's more about Sanctuary Santa Cruz from their facebook, "We Must Love and Protect Each Other. Sanctuary/Santuario Santa Cruz is collection of projects all aimed at making Santa Cruz a welcoming place for all of its residents. We are ONE community, and we have to stand in solidarity with each other. Sanctuary/Santuario Santa Cruz es un conjunto de proyectos con la meta de hacer a Santa Cruz un lugar de bienvenida para todos los residentes. Somos UNA comunidad, y debemos solidarizarnos el uno al otro."

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