Thursday, September 6, 2018

Thurs & Sun: Shows! // Fri: Splash Zone: Queer Dance Party // Thurs: Open Stage! // & More!

-Thursday, September 6th, 7pm:  Slow Bleed / Nightfear / In Spite / Slow Decay / Urban Dispute

SCHC brings you... 

*Nightfear (PA Hardcore) 
**Slow Bleed (Santa Paula Metal) 
***In Spite (SD Hardcore) 
****Slow Decay (SD Hardcore) 
*****Urban Dispute (Bay Area Hardcore) 

7PM - Doors // 7:30PM - Bands // $8.00 (notaflof) // RESPECT THE SPACE AND EACH OTHER //

-Friday, September 7th, 9pm:  Splash ZONE : A Queer Dance Party

Queer dance party in Santa Cruz! Party starts at 830, first set bangin at 9:30 sharply.

This is a space and time for queers and the people we love and trust. Y'all are welcome. Come do your thing, whatever that may be, outside of the oppression of capitalism and patriarchy.

PLUS IT'S DALE'S BIRTHDAY! so dress yr best for their Leo'd out virgo ass and prepare for an extra photo booth!


$$$$$$$$$$$$ for SubRosa // $7-10 @ the door // 8:30pm 4real though // Dress Your Best // Invite Your Friends //

-Sunday, September 9th, 9pm:  Lo-Cal Scribbly Dibbly Purple Noodle Show

Come to this dang ol' scrib fe$t!! There'll b noodling instruments that'll make yu dance! {WOW]} Come enjoy the best version of yourself: you.. HAVING A REALLY FUN TIME DANCING & LISTENING 2 AMAZING lo-cal && touring pasta chef's MUSICK!

Lo-cal purple noodle scribble dribble festivle (Rip dropped off the bill to accommodate a newly added touring band.. Bubblegum 🐙!)...Sunshine Eyes: ALSO DROPPED OFF DA BILL!! This show is off to a wild start y'all 💩😂💫

*Cedar Sap: WA Psych Dream Slurp  
**Blushh: LA Noodle Burp 
***The Total Bettys: Oakland Noodle Dessert 

Safe(r) Space // $7 NOTAFLOF // All Ages // Dry Space  // No Meanie Jock Noodle Nabbers //

-Thursday September 13th, 7:30pm: Open Stage!

SubRosa's take on Open Mic. Once a month. Every month.

Sign ups at 7:30pm. Show at 8! Each act will get 5-10 minutes depending on the evening.

This is a space for performance of all kinds. A space to be witnessed in your work. Performance art. Drag. Dance. Poetry. Music. Essays. Rants. Interactive games. Magic. This is an Open Stage.

With a critique of capitalism and acknowledgement of intersectional systems of oppression, we honor and wish to uplift less heard voices including those of queer, trans, femme, people of color and indigenous folks. We strive to create a brave space where we work with what and who is in the room.

We hope for this space to serve the radical performing artists in Santa Cruz and are open to collaboration! Donations accepted and appreciated.

(Come on by and have some coffee, check-out a book or strike up a conversation)

Wednesdays, 10:30am - 2pm // Fridays, 9am - 12pm // 

& open for events & meetings

And some other info to let you know about!!!

*The Fábrica has moved to the front of the Hub at 703 Pacific (now sharing a wall with SubRosa).  Here's their new hours "We are currently not having Tuesday hours, but have added Sunday hours. Our Thursday and Saturday hours have shifted one hour earlier. We hope these hours fit well for people! Our current schedule is: Monday 4-7 // Thursday 3-6 // Saturday 3-6 // Sunday 2-5!"  Find out more about this great project at

*Next weekend is the beginning of the Run4Salmon, the prayer run led by Winnemum Wintu to restore native salmon to their ancestral spawning grounds in the McCloud River. It starts with a ceremony and walk from Sogorea Te/Glenn Cove in the bay area on Sat the 15th. More info:

*Next week—September 8 to 15, 2018—is a giant national/international mobilization to confront the "Global Climate Action Summit" (GCAS) in San Francisco, Sept 12-14, which is a gathering of politicians and business people hosted by Governor Brown, focused on market-based, top-down false solutions to climate change such as carbon trading schemes (while not addressing emissions at source or targeting fossil fuel industries.). In response, multiple coalitions have mounted parallel efforts to disrupt/confront GCAS while also putting forth an array of visions of what real community-led solutions to confronting climate change can look like, based on the leadership of frontline and indigenous communities most impacted by resource extraction and climate change. Local groups are also taking advantage of the large influx of organizers in the bay area to take action around issues such as the Oakland Coal Terminal, North Bay refineries, and the West Berkeley Shellmound.

Plus a message from the Hub (The Hub is the space where SubRosa is located, of which we are just one of many projects at the Hub...which also includes the Fábrica, the Bike Church, PedX and more!!!)

Hello. I'm again asking for your financial support (You can click on this link to go the Hub website and donation page We have some exciting changes at the Hub Community Center, and along with that came some complications. Here's the story... the Fábrica is moving to the front office and new folk from Sanctuary Santa Cruz are moving into their old space. Unfortunately, there was a major plumbing issue which delayed the moves, so the old Fábrica space wasn't cleared to move we at the Hub are short on that rent. We'd ideally like to raise $500 which would cover half a month for the old Fábrica space and some of the money can also go to help the Fábrica folk pay for their current space, which they've not been able to use yet (they're putting it together now!). And all donations are tax exempt as the Hub is a501(c)3 non-profit organization. And thanks for any financial support you can offer and please help spread the word. -j!

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