Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Fri: Film // Sat: A Show! // Sun: Prisoner Letter Writing & Another Show! // Mon: Dance! // Tues: Yet Another Show!

-Friday, December 28th, 5:45pm:  Una Mujer Fantástica (MORE free queer film screenings)

WOW! SubRosa is hosting MORE free queer film screenings starting December 28th (& screening double features most Fridays in January)! 

First film is Una Mujer Fantástica -- an Academy award winning Chilean film about a trans woman navigating through grief & discrimination as she deals with her lover's estranged family following his sudden death! 

-Saturday, December 29th, 7pm:  Hullahbaloo // Corduroy // Kilroi // Grad Nite

It's the end of the year!! Let's get over it together! We'll have hot chocolate and tea and coffee and TUNES! NEW TUNES!!

-Sunday, December 30th, 7pm: SCHC - Cell Rot // Bottled Up // World Peace

SCHC brings you... 


Doors 7pm // $8 (notaflof) // No Drinking //

And earlier in the day Prisoner Letter Writing at 1 - 4pm:
Each week we will highlight a specific prisoner, have info on their story and struggle, and have a list of political prisoners to write. Use this time to find a new prisoner penpal, to continue a correspondence or write to someone you know inside. We have materials and stamps but please bring paper, pens and stamps if you like. Some snacks provided.

-Monday, December 31st, 9pm:  NYE Splash Zone - a Queer Dance Party

New Years Eve! Queer Dance Party! Daaaaaang.

This is a space and time for queers and the people we love and trust. Y'all are welcome. Come do your thing, whatever that may be, outside of the oppression of capitalism and patriarchy.

$7-10 @ the door Give as you are able but always give something. No One Tuned Away For Lack Of Funds. Funds will go to support Migrants and SubRosa. 

8:30pm 4real though// Dress Your Best // Invite Your Friends

Come dance. Come wallflower. Come talk. Come shake it. Come unsure. Come with a plan. Come with friends. Come alone. Dress up and get down, or just show up and be down for whatever.

Clubrosa is a queer dance party open to all genders and persuasions. It is a brave space of expression and fun.

The dance floor is small and will get crowded. The courtyard is open and offers space to chill. Our space is fairly wheelchair accessible and all ages.

This is a dry space, please have your drinks/do your thing before you come (or just elsewhere!).

-Tuesday, January 1st, 7pm: Plexi (seattle) // Windbreaker // TBA at SubRosa

cactus bloom collective presents:

*PLEXI (On Tour) Seattle queer freak punk 
**WINDBREAKER San Jose loud punx 

7$ (notaflof) //  7pm // All Ages // Safe Space(r) // No Alcohol No Drugs

(Come on by and have some coffee, check-out a book or strike up a conversation)
Wednesdays, 10:30am - 2pm // Fridays, 9am - 12pm // 
& open for events & meetings
(and open on some Thursday afternoons)

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