Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art Opening Fri. Feb 1st: Relics of an Old Soul

February 2013: Relics of an Old Soul by Liliane Coppolina

Relics of an Old Soul is a sequence of posters, 
illustrations and drawings that I have done for friends 
and the community over the past few years. All of my posters/fliers are hand drawn, using pen and ink with heavy contrasts, and watercolor. Most of the images in my illustrations, are extractions from the natural world and the mythical. I've always been attracted to renaissance and pre-raphaelite art; beautiful, delicate and dark. I especially like using certain flowers, fruits and various images that have an underlying symbolism derived from astrology, greek mythology and other lore. I've definitely developed a style, that evokes all the beautifully dreamy and dark aspects of my visions. I, also have a love for sign making and lettering. I absolutely love drawing up designs for my friends, it's challenging and so exciting.

Liliane was born in Santa Cruz but grew up on the east coast for the majority of her childhood and teenage life. In 2005, she made her way back to Santa Cruz, studying art history, watercolor, typography and figure drawing at Cabrillo. She has worked closely with Blackbird Raum, Free Skool Santa Cruz, Traditional Dancers of Santa Cruz, Ecology Action, Black Mesa Indigenous Support (SC), Gloam, and various other entrepreneurs to help with all their visual and aesthetic needs. Her posters are relics of past events, and some lost forever, unsigned and mysterious. Here is her collection that she, fortunately, held on to and kept close.

I'm very lucky to have the friends I've got. 

Art Opening Friday February 1st at 5:30pm
 Please join us for live music and good food!

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