Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunday Febuary 3rd: A Show! at 7pm AND Monday Febuary 4th: Another Show! at 1pm‏

On Stupor Bowel Sunday! Feb. 3rd at 7pm! 

This is going to be a very magical night of music.

The Lord Dog Bird (ex-Wilderness, from Hayfork)
with friends Caethua (from Maine)
Nathan Dalton (of Dying Californian & Nuzzle).
the Menders (Scott Ferreter and Nadia) warm the night up.

Bring donations for the traveling bands

And then the next afternoon at 1pm!

A BBQ Punk Show!   
Monday Feb. 4th 1-6pm
$3-6 for touring bands

Prank War (pop punk, Olympia,
Parasol (anarco punk, Boston,
Looms (Thrishi, exploring farther into (space)shoegaze, locals, sort of)

We're totally going to BBQ vegetables and foods! You should come and eat then dance around and listen to music that is REALLY GREAT AND FUN!

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