Sunday, January 12, 2014

Coming Up! At SubRosa!

-Tues. Jan. 14th-  closed except for these very special events below!

*Build a Website With Wordpress! at 5:30-7pm (a Free Skool Santa Cruz class)- Bring your ideas and come ready to work; this class is project-based. If you can send an email, you can learn to make online contact forms, event registrations, photo slideshows, mobile friendly sites, and more. In this class we will be creating a self hosted WordPress website (not a blog). Topics will include: hosting, installation, themes, plugins, and an overview of important features. Visit the website for more info and class location:

*A Show! with The Gembrokers (dark earth folk music born out of the Santa Cruz redwoods and the sea) and Zoe Boekbinder (escaped from the circus and writes clever rhymes about love gone awry, backed by live looped vocal harmonies and electronic beats, from Oakland) and Stephen Steinbrink (songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and visual artist born and raised in the desert of Arizona and now in Oly) at 7:30pm ($5 notaflof)

-Wed. Jan 15th- open hours from 11am-3pm (The Moon is Full! be outside at night, away from the lights of the city!)

*HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom) Meeting- 11am-1pm-

HUFF is Santa Cruz's oldest and most stubbornly persistent grass roots homeless advocacy group.

-Thurs. Jan. 16th- open hours from 2pm

*Knitting Circle
from 5-7pm
(a Free Skool Santa Cruz class) either at The Fábrica or at SubRosa: A knitting circle is a community of knitters (or crocheters or hand stitchers) who work on projects together and teach each other new tricks. All are welcome to participate, whether a complete novice or a experienced textile artist. Bring a project to work on and maybe some snacks to share. Used needles and yarn remnants are available for beginners who don't have their own supplies.

*Guitar Skills: Basic to Advanced at 6:15pm (a Free Skool Santa Cruz class) - Let's learn how to read tablature, play scales, play chords and basic strumming patterns, fingerpick, tune your guitar by ear, make a capo, string your guitar, and jam with others. Requirements: Must have any semi-functioning guitar or any guitar-like instrument (if need strings put on or if guitar needs any minor repair I can help with that).

* Women/Trans/Queer Open Mic- Every 3rd Thursday of the month we reserve the stage for Women, Trans, and Queer folk though everyone is invited and encouraged to come enjoy the show. These Open Mics are always special and this one you can expect at least one accordion! Open mic is a space for you to share yourself in anyway that feels right to you. You can read a story, poem or journal entry that feels important to you. You can sing or play a song you are excited about.  You can ask questions you need help answering. You can rant about things that piss you off. And you can just come and soak it all up. Donations directly benefit this community-supported space. Signups for performance at 7:30 fill up quickly. Bring your creativity and artistic genius.

-Fri. Jan 17th- open hours from 2pm-7pm

*Self Knowledge for Anarchists at 5:30pm
(a Free Skool Santa Cruz class) - Do I know myself well enough that my desire for change in the world translates into meaningful action? One approach is to begin from the ancient Socratic saying “Know thyself” -- if self- knowledge is the aim, then self-observation is one direct approach. In my life I have studied and attempted to apply the approach to self-observation brought to Europe and America by George Gurdjieff, and his student PD Ouspensky. It is non-authoritarian, and a-religious, and begins with the admonition to “Believe Nothing.” We will read and discuss selections from the Gurdjieff literature.

-Sat. Jan 18th- open hours from 2pm

Really Really Free Market from noon to 3pm (a Free Skool Santa Cruz offering) - No money. No trades. Everything is free. This market is based on a gift-economy and thinks capitalism sucks. Bring food to share. Bring your special items that you don't use but can't throw away (ex. clothes, toys, art supplies, instruments, books and zines...your free box). Bring your special talents to offer people (ex. haircuts, message, reiki...).  We will have folks to check in with as you arrive. First come first served, space may be limited. At the end, please take away left over items that you brought with you.

*Another Show! at 7:30pm with Moon Bandits and More! (meaning that other bands will also play...there isn't actually a band playing this night called More!)  Bring a donation for the touring bands (notaflof)

-Sun. Jan. 19th- open hours from 2pm-7pm

-Tues. Jan. 21st-  closed except for this special event

*Birth Attendant Basics from 6-8pm
(a Free Skool Santa Cruz class) - This class is intended for any of the following: 1) those generally interested in the ways humans naturally birth, 2) those who can imagine attending the birth of a loved one at some point and would like to be helpful/supportive of the birthing mother/family, and 3) those that might like to someday give birth themselves and would like more info than is often given in the dominant culture about childbearing. Topics will include the physiology of labor and birth as well as the needs of the mother during this time. An emphasis will be placed on things that make a good birth attendant.

Also...Free Skool Santa Cruz is looking for folks that want to teach a class in the Spring Quarter, which runs from March through May.  So, if you are interested, submit a class before January 31st! Go to the online teacher form here! our wonderful neighbors, the Bike Church to reinstate their youth bicycle distro program (read more here about that topic).

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