Sunday, October 5, 2014

This Week at SubRosa!

Hello! This is a reminder that the SubRosa collective is making changes to the space and to our intentions for its use.  For the next month or so, we may not be open during the usual times, but we will be hosting the events listed on our events calendar (available here and listed below).  In the long term we will still hold open hours, with more energy focused on events: shows, classes, workshops, and more!

Go to our events page
and email us event proposals (meetings, performances, art projects, or something else).  Please be sure to read the Important Things to Know About Having an Event at SubRosa page as well.

-Every Tueday & Thursday, noon-6pm, Studio Hours

What are Studio Hours?

A chance to work on your creative projects (draw, paint, sculpt, write, knit, collage, doodle, and so on) in a quiet environment with other people who are doing the same. At least one member of the SubRosa collective will be on staff to hold the space open and keep track of shared tools and materials.

The idea behind Studio Hours is that creative work is an essential part of life, but many people (even artists) often have difficulty making time for it. Having a set place and time to engage in these activities in the company of like-minded people can foster accountability in developing consistent creative practices.

The studio staffer will keep some basic tools and materials on hand for shared use. Use of tools and materials is free, but we do recommend a $1.00-5.00 per hour donation for use of the space, to help cover rent and keep SubRosa open in the long term. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Community agreements for an anarchist art space:

Respect the space and the people in it. Refrain from and confront sexist, racist, homophobic, and otherwise oppressive behavior.

If you open it, close it.
If you turn in on, turn it off.
If you break it,  admit it.
If you borrow it, return it.
If you value it, take care of it.
If you make a mess, clean it up.
If it belongs to someone else, and you want to use it, get consent first.
If you do not know how to operate it, leave it alone and ask for assistance.

-Every Tuesday, 6-8:30pm, Free Figure Drawing Session!

Free figure drawing session! Every week, we gather to spend a few hours drawing bodies. Bring your drawing supplies if you have them, and the host will make sure there are a few extras for folks in need. We take turns modeling: no one is required to model, but everyone is encouraged. Some of the most vibrant sessions occur when there are a wide range of body types to draw. We've done everything from fully nude to fully clothed, depending on what everyone feels comfortable with. The front gate will be unlocked: just push it open, close it behind you, and join us inside!

-Wednesday October 8th, 6pm, Conflict First-Aid Basics, with the TRUCE Collective

What do you do when you are in the heat of the moment in a conflict? In the dominant culture you have two options, avoidance or coercion. But for many of us, those options leave us feeling powerless, inauthentic, disconnected, unresolved, or just plain unsatisfied. We'll talk a little about what the dominant culture response looks like in action, and then we'll discuss and practice what we could try instead.

Presented by TRUCE, a collective that works to facilitate the co-creation of effective internal conflict engagement strategies for radicals in the US. (from the Action Training Fall 2014 Calendar- Presented by Santa Cruz Forest Keepers, tending & defending land and water,

-Monday October 13th, 1-3pm, Never Not Knotty Part 1

Learn some basic knot terminology, knot tying, and their applications (from the Action Training Fall 2014 Calendar- Presented by Santa Cruz Forest Keepers, tending & defending land and water, contact info above).

and later that evening, 7:30-9:30pm, "Sex & Relationships with Yum"

Yum is leading an event, 2nd & 4th Mondays every month, 7:30-9:30 pm., entitled "Sex & Relationships with Yum."  Call for info: 831-334-6876.  Free- donations to SubRosa encouraged.

Each meeting there will be a short presentation followed by question, answer & discussion. You will have the opportunity to ask questions anonymously if you prefer!  Topics covered will include:  Celibacy, Monogamy & Polyamory; Pleasure in Sex; Relationship Values; Acceptance; Passion; Love, Freedom & Aloneness; Consent; Communication; Jealousy & Compersion; The Sexual Matrix; The Wheel of Consent; Assertiveness & Receptivity…and anything related to our theme of Sex & Relationships that you're interested in!

Yum Van Vechten has spent the last 20 years studying, practicing and teaching about healthy sexuality and relationships.


And something else happening around town and in the forest this fall! 

Upper Campus FOREST WALKS schedule: Fall 2014

Fall in Santa Cruz is the season of renewal. Parched trees shed their needles, cones, nuts & crispy leaves; long-awaited showers bring the sleeping splendor of the forest to life. Let’s explore together in this awakening forest that is threatened by UCSC expansion.

Walks are free and hosted by volunteers, with no university sponsorship. Unless otherwise stated, rain does not cancel!

Wednesday, October 8th: Full Moon Eclipse Wander
w/ its up to you
The eclipse begins at 2:15am, becoming a total eclipse at 3:25am and with its darkest time at 3:55am. A total eclipse is also called a blood moon, as the moon turns a deep crimson. Unlike the other walks, no one will take the lead—this is simply an invitation for you to go out in to the night and connect with the land under the light of the full moon in your own way. Perhaps we’ll see each other out there.

Saturday, October 18th: Huckleberry Appreciation Walk
w/ FarmaJohn—12pm @ North Remote
Bring water. All ages welcome!
Embark on an exploration into the small world of the Huckleberry. We’ll learn and share all we can about the huckleberry plant and its forest friends on this interpretive nature walk.

Sunday, October 19th: Silent Hike
w/ Monica—11am @ North Remote
RSVP: msalandr@ucsc. edu
Let’s come together whisper-quiet, hiking the first half of this walk in silence and then we’ll decide together what to do with the second half. Please bring water!

—Santa Cruz Forest Keepers

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